International transportring with
our own car park



Storage of dry and refrigerated goods
in several countries



Distribution of fresh fruit,
vegetables and ready-made meals


The company was founded as a family business and continues to function in this way to today. The main activity of our company is the sale and distribution of groceries. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality goods. At the present, our product portfolio consists of goods mainly from domestic Slovak production, and imports and exports of food from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria and other countries. We are available to our customers 24/7. We are engaged in importing handmade, frozen pizza with good quality, grilled frozen kebab, and we also offer something for people interested in healthier lifestyle and fitness enthusiasts – beef jerky and meatballs. We have brought the Express Food brand to the Slovak market, under which we present most of our products.



The priority of our company in international distribution and the transport of fresh fruit and vegetables. We import products from local farmers of Morocco. We deal mainly with the import of high-quality tomatoes. These are the types of baby plum, coloured baby plum, cherry, mini kumato 


Good-Line s.r.o.

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